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Zong Conference Call – How To Activate On Zong

Here explained Zong Conference Call – How To Activate On Zong. Want to arrange meeting with your family members, Friends and collagues and others?. Then May you are on right place, Because here we mentioned method which helps to you can activate it very easily.

Zong Conference Call
Zong Conference Call

Zong is the one of the amazing telecom company which is providing comfordable service like 4G Fastest Speed. And also Zong is annoucing its 5G Full speed internet in Pakistan. May you also like to use Conference Call On Zong.

Zong Conference Call

In Zong Conference call you can add multiple members in a call at same time. Using this service, You can arrange meeting with your lovers like Friends, Family Members and including collagues and others.

No need requirements to subscribe this offer. Just you have to follow the mentioned process. Hope you will understand the method and hope you will activate it very easily.

How To Make Conference Call On Zong?

  • First of all you have to call with anyone on Zong
  • After answering now you have to dial second number and click on send
  • After connecting the call with your caller, Now need to go to the option and select conference call
  • And for more details please use 310

How To Start Conference Call On Phone Easily?

When you connected with caller, Now have to find the ” Add Search ” Option.

  • While Talking on Call, You can see the option with name of Add Call.
  • Now dial second number when the dialer pick the call and please click on the option of ”Merge Calls
  • And Hope now the conference call will start and you can talk with your group members which you added. And also you can add some more you want.

Friends using this process you can make conference call on Zong very easily without facing other issues. Make sure to follow the process perfectly if you want to activate this service. And i hope you enjoyed about How to make Conference call on Zong.


Ufone Internet Packages 3G/4G – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Ufone 4G and 3G internet packages will be explained here. You will check 3G and 4G net packages details you will read here very easily. Ufone is offering many best and heavy internet offers, It will blow your mind after activating on your Ufone sim and after using it. Ufone internet packages are the cheapest packages to use the internet with a better way. Ufone is a small telecommunication company with some other internet providers telecommunication companies.

Ufone Internet Packages
Ufone Internet Packages

Therefore Ufone internet packages are not heavy. In the big cities of Pakistan, Ufone is providing 4G internet service, But it is not providing 4G Net service in all cities. You can use Ufone internet packages using a low price. We are introducing all internet packages details Ufone, Therefore you need to select your favorite package for subscribe to use the net on Ufone.

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

You know that Ufone daily internet packages limit is just for 1 day, That’s mean these packages are not for frequent time. Therefore you can use daily internet packages of Ufone for 1 day or 24 hours. Ufone’s daily packages do not provide any data as compare to other packages like Ufone weekly and monthly internet packages.

Ufone Internet Packages
Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Ufone internet packages are valid for 7 days or 1 week called Ufone weekly internet package. These packages help to use the internet with great volume data and validity. If you want to use the net for 1 week with comfortable, For this you need to activate Weekly Ufone net package on your Ufone sim.

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

You can use the internet with fast speed also with much data after subscribing to these monthly packages of Ufone sim. All the monthly internet offers of Ufone are the best and wonderful data provider packages.

If you want to check the Full details Of Ufone Internet Packages with step by step then Visit for know details about The All Ufone Internet Packages.

My Ufone App Also provides the details and activation codes of Ufone net packages.

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Jazz Internet Packages 3G/4G – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Jazz most popular telecommunication of Pakistan called jazz. You know that jazz is the best and popular telecom company in Pakistan, Which is providing the best net packages and valuable. Jazz is standing in the list of best telecommunication Companies in Pakistan. Jazz is providing 4G net service in all cities of Pakistan, But in some cities, jazz 4G is not available.

Jazz Internet Packages

I am telling you about jazz internet packages to the jazz family. Jazz net packages like daily, Monthly and weekly subscription way and required balance, etc will be explained. So need to completely read this post to know about the net packages of the jazz telecom company. Jazz internet packages list will be explained step by step on our site.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Jazz daily internet packages also all daily offers of daily jazz net package discussion explained here. You can easily know here about the daily net packages of a jazz telecom company in Pakistan. Jazz daily internet packages prices are not heavy, You can easily subscribe to these packages at a normal price.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Mostly jazz family is subscribing jazz weekly net packages on jazz sim. Because jazz weekly net packages are perfect to use internet valid for 1 week with comfortable. Jazz net packages have many offers which is providing internet valid for 24 hours.

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz monthly internet packages have many offers which help us use internet valid for 1 month that’s 30 days. You can use the internet for frequent time by subscribing to any offer of jazz monthly internet packages.

To complete details about Jazz net packages you need to click on Jazz Internet Packages. Also, you can easily check all details about the jazz net packages on the Jazz World App.

Android Apps

Abbasi TV APK Download Latest Version 6.0

Abbasi TV APK Latest features and the way of installing will be explained with the complete details. Here we will tell the features of Abbasi TV APK. This application with the categories of TV Channels. That means here we can watch a different kinds of TV Channels online with any kind of buffering.

There are many applications related to this android application but this is easy to use and here we cannot see any bug and problem. The using way of abbasi TV is simple and easy on android. In this android application, we can the TV Channels in Pakistan. Also, we can Indian TV channels.

Abbasi TV APK also provided us the channels of Sports category. Crickets series also you can enjoy on android using this android application. Abbasi TV APK is legal android application for watching these features on android.

Features Main?

  • Best and easy to use on android.
  • No bugs free of cost.
  • Watch TV Channels Free on android.
  • The live score of cricket can see on android.
  • Watch Pakistani TV channels without buffering.

How To Download Abbasi TV APK?

The downloading way and installing explained in this paragraph with detail. You can download it from google by searching with the name of Abbasi TV APK. I also provided the download link. Using this link you can download the APK file of Abbasi TV.

After downloading its APK file, Now please open setting and On the option of Unknown Resources. After it now clicks on the install button for installing Abbasi TV in your android in an easy way.


This is the one of the best TV channels application of android. Where we can Watch different channels with good quality and without any kind of buffering. Use now it for watching TV channels on android without any kind of problems and buffering.


International Tracking & Signature Services

Royal mail offers 3 reliable services for it International mail delivery. All of these services come with Tracking and Signature Confirmation. For Royal Mail International Tracking please follow the instructions.

  1. International Tracked & Signed
  • Offers end to end tracking of your mail item.
  • Reliable signature confirmation which is notified by email or SMS or online.
  • Quick and secure for the valuable item to be sent overseas.
  1. International Tracking
  • Reliable for sending the valuable item and another fragile mail item.
  • Offer 5 point tracking till the time mail reaches the final destination.
  • Online signature confirmation is available in this service.
  1. International Signed
  • Mail item is tracked till the time it is in the border of the United Kingdom.
  • It gives only the final confirmation of the item when it reaches the destination.
  • Proper Signature confirmation is sent back to the sender

Royal Mail is working for its employees to know more please follow:

Ihas very reliable international service. It is offering wide variety of opportunities for business community. It has open channel for those who want to deliver their products to the overseas. Royal Mail is always willing to serve the nation free of any hurdles.

Royal mail is keeping its legacy of being great in all times very well. Royal Mail will do great in future. Today what makes Royal Mail stand different from others is its immune policies and depth trust of customers. Royal Mail will never disappoint its customers in any regard.

As far as compensation is concerned royal mail is standing first to deliver products in time. In case If royal Mail get failed to deliver products, Royal mail will compensate it at any cost. Royal Mail will pay the amount according to the policies. Moreover, you have to prove some of the documents to prove your compensation.

Royal Mail group is standing first in adversary by its smart policies & will remain committed to it at any cost.


Etisalat online shop

You can buy branded products from Etisalat shop online. Like apple USB original adapter and samsung wireless charger or samsung home charger & Data memory card or headphones & samsung or Apple new mobile phones and also you can buy Etisalat Golden numbers and All internet devices like router or modem and USB & another so many products you can purchase online from Etisalat shop. for more information you can visit here

If you want to purchase any branded product online from Etisalat shop. Then you have to visit the official website of Etisalat. Then a new webpage will appear in front of you. There you can see many options like All products & mobile Devices and accessories as for sample headphone or wireless charger or car charger another many accessories & related by internet accessories. And also you can purchase personal & Golden contact numbers from Etisalat shop online. for Etisalat internet calling plan.   

Lets we discuss how we can purchase any branded products from Etisalat shop online. 

  • By convenient way you have to visit the official website of Etisalat. Then you can see a new webpage in front of you. 
  • You can see many options you have to select the right option which you need. And click on add to cart.
  • Simply click on the continue button to make sure of your order to purchase. And you will receive your order number. 
  • Then you can see the option to pay the bill. You can pay the bill by credit card or by debit card. You can pay the bill on the same day then you will receive your order. 
  • Now you’re successful to purchase online any branded product from Etisalat shop.  

How can we track Etisalat shop order? 

If you purchase high quality products from Etisalat shop. Then you can get one more benefit that you can track your order. It is the best service of Etisalat shop. because If you purched any product from Etisalat shop to give a gift to your friend or family members. Then as per the status of your order you can invite them at home or you can make other plans. 

Now below I will explain to you the method of tracking your Etisalat shop order. 

  • You have to visit the official website of Etisalat Check here. 
  • Then a new webpage will appear in front of you. 
  • Simply enter your order number and just for verification enter your contact number which you provide the order time. 
  • Then click on the continue button and you will see the status of your order on your device screen. 
  • Now you’re successful to track your Etisalat shop order. 

Civil Id Status Kuwait

Civil Id Status Kuwait is a identity card of the government of kuwait. And this is one of the best and superb document which have many facilities and features like this works online and this document is managed and controlled through online system.

Civil Id Status Kuwait

This Document is managed and handled easily. We just need to keep up to date this identity card every time. And Civil ID Kuwait does not have any problem when you need to do some functions through online system. civil id is very comulsory document for every one who are living in kuwait or who wants to live in kuwait. Kuwait is one of the best and peaceful country in the world. And also this is rich country. The people of this country are peaceful and educated. And also they follow all rules of country. And those people who not follow rules of this country then they can not live in the country.

Renewal Civil Id

Civil ID Status
Civil ID Status

All people can renew their civil id easily through online system. Civil id is copulsory document and therefore this must be kee active every time  and you can renew your civil id online. And for this purpose you need to must download a form and then fill a form and then submit this form to MOI. This is very easy way to renew civil id.

Check Online Challan

You can check your challan through online system easily. For this purpose there is not a need any type of extra skill or knowledge. you need to enter your civil id card number and then follow instructions and then you can check your challan easily. Challan in kuwait is managed online and then this id card is very superb and easy method to check. Check online challan of your on id card with easy way.


Rooms On Chatiw And Chating

Today I am going to show you a site in which you can chat, if you are looking for a site for chatting, then today I am going to tell you this is a very amazing site in which you can chat with people. You can invite friends, whatever you invite, they will become your friends. It is a very amazing fight. After you wish the style, you will like this site very much because In this, you get full content amazing and you get a lot of people with whom you can set up and you can also invite new people. Have you understood what I am telling you today? I have brought a wonderful site, please visit it once.

New & Free Chat Rooms And More

I give you a review of this site, what you will get in it and what you can do and how you can do in this site, I am going to tell you today, in this way you can invite your new friends and kisses. You can chat with people from the side, I am going to tell you everything today. When you create your profile, after creating the profile your ID will be created and then you have a new friend. You have to go to the trust there, you will get a lot of people, you have to invite them, conscious act will be your spectator, then they will become your friend,

How To Chating Rooms

Then you can chat with them. Chatiw is a very big site, when you use this site, you will feel very school because I have been using this site since long. The review of the side is that this is a very amazing site, in this you get everything that you want related to chat. In this you can create new chat rooms and you can create your own official chat rooms in which all the people you want Invite you can then chat with them, this is a very amazing site, if you have never used it before, please please diversify the site once, you will benefit a lot from it.


Iqama Expiry Check With Absher New Method

iqama expiry  is the expiry date or finish date of your iqama.We are going to examine here the complete detials and most resent method of 2020 How to check Iqama Expiry? like the iqama expiry date, iqama expiry status, iqama validity and much more about it. you can  learn all the strategy here.KSA worker follow these rule to check the status of iqama. you can check iqama mehna on our website. iqama has lot of color like red green and much more. You can  alsoiqama expiry check red green  an iqama valiidity on your website. follow all these procedure to check it.Now you can  know all about it.just follow these post step to  know full about it. Two procedure of checking will be accessible with one by one detail.

Iqama Expiry Date  Check

Iqama Expiry Date is the final date of your iqama of your iqama that makes your iqama not important and valid in KSA when you do not renew it in Saudi Arabia. The Government of KSA does not allow you when the date of your iqama expiry .So this is not good for KSA expertise because you are not valid for any worker if your iqama expiry date ends.Check iqama validity or iqama expiry date,Expiry status and validity of your iqama in KSA with this latest procedure in few second.Bassically iqama expiry is the  ended date of iqama and the value of your iqama will be finished at the finish of the iqama expiry date.In Saudi Arabia all worker must have full knowledge about their iqama own, because without knowing anything your nothing in KSA.

After iqama expiry or  iqama validity, your not illegible to staw in KSA.KSA has very strict rules about the iqama. So carefully renew your iqama before expiry. If you can’t do it, then you will be heavy fine and maybe do another thing on you. It is very tough for any peoples to pay heavy fine.

This post gives you all the basic concepts about your iqama like iqama expiry validity in a different simple ways. All these latest and new procedure of check iqama expiry is simple and 100% working.The checking is method is different like the application and site procedure.Here I will guide all the procedure of iqama expiry check that slove your many proplems. Visit this site For Iqama Expiry More details

Follow these steps to know to check iqama expiry

Step1: Open PC Browser and wirte or click here  to open page apear on your homescreen. The homepage has two option.The first option is called as” Business” second option is called as ”Individuals” and click on the second option  called as ”individuals”. This kind of homepage interface  shows you when you open it. The screenshot is below.

Step2:After that new page apear in your homescreen. This page consist of two language Arabic and English. Select your english language if you want to check iqama expiry in english. The screenshot is below  to understant this information about it.

Step3: Now  the new page  appear on your front screen. This page consist of login page . Because you are new visitor so click on the New user option. This kind of screen come on your front if your using an android smartphone.See the screenshot below.

Step4: Now  the new login page  apear in the homescreen then  enter the  id number or username, password and confirm password,email and confirm password then select perferred language and enter the image code. click the next option. new page apear and fill the Register files.

Step5: Now new page apear on your front screen and fill the login files then click the login page apear and enter the verification code then click the login option. Now , this types of page opens where you need to click on my account option. when you click on my account option the dashboard apear in the right corner.

Step#6: Now see the search bar, type iqama expiry, click to search it, Query option come. Now click on it. After that fill user name and image code. Click on view option. In this easy check the iqama expiry date



Query Iqama Expiry Service KSA

The Query means Inquire. So its means the inquire iqama expiry service means to say know about the expiration date of your iqama with new service.

Today i am going to share you very popular and Amazing way that solve your problem of checking. This way is a latest and fantastic way to check the expiration very quickly and easily.

The expiration is a serious issue in the KSA. This issue create many problems for Expats. They pay heavy fine on this issue. So protect yourself it by checking the expiration every month. Must note this date in your daily or make alert of this date on your phone.

Peoples can renew their iqama without fine within the three days of expiry. So must care about it otherwise the government imposed very heavy fine in expats.

There are many methods present to know the expiration date but the unique way is here . To know about this way must read this article carefully.

Follow these steps to know about iqama expiry Query.

Step#1: Account registration on the Absher is the first and basic step. Click here for Absher Registration & Login

Step#2: After account creation and Login you can find the details with two ways. In first way click on “My Account” Option and ” Dashboard” option.

Step#3: In the Dashboard option all the details about your iqama query available. You can also find the query in this way. Just go to my account selection, Find Search option result, Search iqama expiry.

Step#4: After searching Query iqama expiry service option come. Click on this option and fill the iqama number and image code details.

Step#5: After filling these information click on the view option. When you do that then all the details about your iqama expiry come in your front home Screen.