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Call Screen Themes APK Download

Call Screen Themes APK Download. Everybody who uses a mobile phone wants to see that my mobile is just as beautiful and colorful as it is. But it has a small company mobile which is very cheap and they Don’t miss out on showing your friends. We brought you today’s best Colourful call screen themes mobile application that will completely renew your mobile. Click here for Download Call Screen theme App



You will completely customize the mobile as their color in the flashlight. Bright lighting with many colors on one light mobile screen and the best kind would make the mobile even more beautiful am going to tell you. To make mobile more beautiful.

Many companies offer you many types of products and there are mobile applications that allow you to beautify your mobile completely but all the applications you have to buy. In this article, we will tell you the application which can be downloaded to the mobile to make all your mobile beautiful. If You Find Best Call Screen theme App check here All new latest call screen theme Apps

About call Screen Themes App

  • Size of Call Screen theme App    9.3 MB
  • Installs                                         10,000,000+
  • Required version                          4.4 and Ups
  • Current Version                           7.3

Features of call Screen themes App



After downloading the call Screen theme application, what are the top-level features that you will find?. Here is A complete detail Of this App.

Live wallpaper Effects

You will find many types of live collar Stylish wallpapers. which have many types of beauty folios stylish themes and wallpapers available. When you get a call you can also activate them by adding them. You can also activate it above the flashlight. You can Also check And Downlaod Best Ringtonme App with latest themes and wallpaper included

LED call Flashing Alert

If you are sometimes silent on your mobile phone and you do not know when a message or call is coming. This feature is also available in this application if you activate it when you go down. The light on the backside of the mobile will automatically be turned on. So you can easily know if I have received a call or an SMS.

Stylish Answer Button

Another awesome feature is the call Accept button. Which you can easily add to the many Option to change like dark white stylish and lighting effect etc. call or whatever way you want it to start.

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