Query Iqama Expiry Service KSA

The Query means Inquire. So its means the inquire iqama expiry service means to say know about the expiration date of your iqama with new service.

Today i am going to share you very popular and Amazing way that solve your problem of checking. This way is a latest and fantastic way to check the expiration very quickly and easily.

The expiration is a serious issue in the KSA. This issue create many problems for Expats. They pay heavy fine on this issue. So protect yourself it by checking the expiration every month. Must note this date in your daily or make alert of this date on your phone.

Peoples can renew their iqama without fine within the three days of expiry. So must care about it otherwise the government imposed very heavy fine in expats.

There are many methods present to know the expiration date but the unique way is here . To know about this way must read this article carefully.

Follow these steps to know about iqama expiry Query.

Step#1: Account registration on the Absher is the first and basic step. Click here for Absher Registration & Login

Step#2: After account creation and Login you can find the details with two ways. In first way click on “My Account” Option and ” Dashboard” option.

Step#3: In the Dashboard option all the details about your iqama query available. You can also find the query in this way. Just go to my account selection, Find Search option result, Search iqama expiry.

Step#4: After searching Query iqama expiry service option come. Click on this option and fill the iqama number and image code details.

Step#5: After filling these information click on the view option. When you do that then all the details about your iqama expiry come in your front home Screen.



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